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US government has approved the sale of four M88A2 BAE Systems recovery vehicles to Romania
Fostul ambasador al SUA în România, Adrian Zuckerman, în studiourile DefenseRomania
The US will not abandon Europe and provides 70% of the NATO budget. European countries that do not respect their contribution of 2% make NATO vulnerable
Romania has a long shopping list. F-35 fighter jets, self-propelled howitzers or kamikaze drones. Other major programs are underway
Fostul ambasador al SUA în România, Adrian Zuckerman, în studiourile DefenseRomania
Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman: For TikTok, Romania's leaders are jeopardizing the relationship with the US
Romania has taken a big step towards acquiring the F-35. The number of fighter jets we will buy has been revealed for the first time
K2 tanks for Romania? South Korea enters the "battle for 300 tanks" and raises the bar to break the Abrams monopoly
Romania is part of the international coalition that could train Ukrainian pilots to operate F-16s
Romania and Poland's submarine routes might "split". Warsaw speaks for the first time about nuclear submarines
Romania will repair its future Abrams tanks in Poland, which enters directly into the top 4 countries with the most Abrams tanks in the world
Romania has officially launched a programme for the acquisition of 4x4 armoured vehicles for the armed forces. We know the big favourites
Romania intends to buy two French Scorpene submarines for 2 billion euros
The Romanian Air Force (RAF) could have its first F-35 pilots in training in the U.S in seven years
Ascod (IFV) with a 100% Romanian turret that can be converted into a medium tank. The Romanian army could be equipped with the Ascod combat vehicle.
Romania buys 54 Abrams tanks in use for 1 billion euros
Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) will be proposed to replace the old MLI-84 Jderul of the Romanian Armed Forces
The COVID-19 crisis is helping Turkey to increase its influence in Europe
That 'randomness' called Coronavirus for China's domestic and foreign policy
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, președintele Turciei
Eastern Mediterranean: A microcosm of regional and global battles
A symptom of fragile anti-US alliances: Russia accuses China of technology theft
Angela Merkel și Vladimir Putin
Why The USA Wants Germany To Be Anti-Russian
Russia: Is a New Season of Separatism Coming?
Middle Eastern protests: A tug of war over who has the longer breath
Poland's run towards nuclear power
Countering civilisationalism: Lebanese and Iraqi protesters transcend sectarianism
China’s Energy Ambitions Set to Shake Up Russian Arctic
Geopolitics work in favour of Putin’s favor
US Is in a New Space Race with China and Russia
Eurasia's Great Game is anything but simple and straightforward
Libyan military conflict could put NATO, Arab and Turkish forces in frontline
The hazardous choice of supporting Fayez al-Serraj
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